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New Model 1894 Free Book Offer
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September 2, 2023 - 9:59 pm
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Chuck said

TXGunNut said

Thanks, Chuck. Was wanting to post a link but was called away. I suppose there are 6-10 books on that list that most of us consider essential and I know there are a few that I am keeping an eye out for. A very comprehensive reference 

The list is about 1/3 of the gun reference books and loading manuals that I have.  My library has a little bit from most manufacturers.


Most of my gun books are about Winchesters and guns that complement Winchester with well over a dozen loading and casting manuals. Somewhere along the way I’ve added a section with books about Crazy Horse, Sitting Bull, Custer, Buffalo Bill, Black Elk, Theodore Roosevelt, John Johnston, Annie Oakley and several about Texas Rangers. You’ll also find books on Little Big Horn/ Greasy Grass and Wounded Knee but I won’t mention the Alamo section because there weren’t any Winchesters there-except in certain Hollywood versions.

I try to avoid collecting firearms of other manufacturers and the books about them because I came late to this collecting party. The guns of Marlin, Colt, Sharps and Burgess were important parts of the Winchester story. Books about them are important to understanding so I’ve made a few exceptions. The 1894/94 is the Winchester I’ve always had, even before I started collecting. Bob’s book was one of the first to join my reference library but I must admit it does double duty as a beautiful coffee table book. 


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September 3, 2023 - 2:57 am
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The lists below are what I currently have in my reference library;

  1. “ARMAX The Journal of the Cody Firearms Museum Vol V”
  2. “Inventory of the Winchester Repeating Arms Company Firearms Reference Collection” by Thomas C. Johnson, Frank F. Burton, Edwin Pugsley, Thomas E. Hall, ET AL. Published December 1991 (copy 20 of 500)
  3. “The Winchester Model 69” by Jeff Abendshien
  4. “WINCHESTER Shotguns” by Dennis Adler
  5. “Cartridges Of The World/8th Edition” by Frank C. Barnes
  6. The History of Winchester Firearms” by Barnes
  7. “Winchester Model 54 Bolt Action 1925 – 1936” by David Bichrest
  8. “John M. Browning American Gunmaker” by Val Browning and Curt Gentry
  9. “The Winchester Single-Shot” by John Campbell
  10. “The Winchester Single-Shot Volume II” by John Campbell
  11. “Firearms By Winchester A Part Of United States History” by C. B. Colby
  12. “Browning Sporting Arms of Distinction: 1903-1992” by Matt Eastman
  13. “Winchester’s 30-30: Model 94, The Rifle America Loves” by Sam Fadala
  14. “Winchester 94 – America’s Rifle” by Sam Fadala
  15. “Flayderman’s Guide To Antique American Firearms” by Norm Flayderman
  16. “Single Shot Rifles” by James Grant
  17. “Still More Single Shot Rifles” by James Grant
  18. “The History Of Winchester Firearms 1866-1992 Sixth Edition Updated” by Thomas Henshaw
  19. “The WINCHESTER Model 1876 “Centennial” Rifle” by Herbert Houze
  20. “Winchester Repeating Arms Company: Its History & Development from 1865 to 1981” by Herbert G. Houze
  21. “To The Dreams of Youth, Winchester .22 Caliber Single Shot Rifles” by Herbert Houze
  22. “The Winchester Model 52 Perfection In Design” by Herbert G. Houze
  23. “Winchester Model 1895” by Kassab & Dunbar
  24. “Major Ned H. Roberts and The Schuetzen Rifle” by Gerald O. Kelver
  25. “Standard Catalogue of Winchester” Edited by David D. Kowalski
  26. “The Winchester One of One Thousand” by Ed Lewis
  27. “The Winchester Book” by George Madis
  28. “The Winchester Era” by George Madis
  29. “The Winchester Handbook” by George Madis
  30. “The Winchester Model Twelve” by George Madis
  31. “Identify your Model 1886 Winchester” by John Madl
  32. “Evolution of the WINCHESTER” by R. Bruce McDowell
  33. “WINCHESTER The Way It Really Was” by Pauline Muerrle
  34. “The First Winchester:  The Story of the 1866 Repeating Rifle” by John E. Parsons
  35. “Winchester Lever Action Repeating Firearms Volume 1 The Models of 1866, 1873, & 1876” by Arthur Pirkle
  36. “Winchester Lever Action Repeating Firearms Volume 2 The Models of 1886 and 1892” by Arthur Pirkle
  37. “Winchester Lever Action Repeating Firearms Volume 3 The Models of 1894 and 1895” by Arthur Pirkle
  38. “U.S. Winchester Trench and Riot Guns and other U.S. Combat Shotguns” by Joe Poyer
  39. “The Winchester Model 94 The First 100 Years by Robert C. Renneberg
  40. “The Winchester Model 94 A Century of Craftsmanship” Robert C. Renneberg
  41. “The Greatest Hammerless Repeating Shotgun Ever Built The Model 12, 1912-1964” by Dave Riffle
  42. “A Catalog Collection of 20th Century Winchester Repeating Arms, Co.” by Roger C. Rule, Charles Suydam
  43. “The Rifleman’s Rifle” by Roger C. Rule
  44. “Winchester Slide-Action Rifles, Volumes I & II” by Ned Schwing
  45. “WINCHESTER’S FINEST – THE MODEL 21 by Ned Schwing
  46. “Winchester Model 42” by Ned Schwing
  47. “Winchester Shotguns & Shotshells” by Ronald W. Stadt Armory Publications 1984 ISBN-0-9604982-2-2
  48. “Old Gunsights A Collectors’ Guide, 1850-1965” by Nick Stroebel
  49. “Old Rifle Scopes” By Nick Stroebel
  50. “The Historic Henry Rifle” by Wiley Sword
  52. “Winchester, 1894: A Ninety Year History of the Variations of the Winchester Carbine from 1894-1984”
    by Gary Twesten
  53. “The History of Winchester Firearms 1866-1975” Watrous
  54. “Winchester For Over A Century Centennial Number Winchester-Complete” by Bill West
  55. “Winchester For Over A Century Volume 3 The Model 1885 Winchester Single Shot 1879-1920” by Bill West
  56. “Winchester: The Gun That Won The West” by Harold  Williamson
  57. “Winchester An American Legend” by R.L. Wilson
  58. “Winchester The Golden Age of American Gunmaking and the Winchester 1 of 1000” by R.L. Wilson
  59. “The Standard Directory of Proof Marks” by Gehard Wirnsberger
  60. “Winchester’s North West Mounted Police Carbines and Other Model 1876 Data by Lewis E. Yearout
  61. “WRACo Standard Sight Equipment January 1, 1917” by Pauline Muerlle
  62. “Cartridge Reloading Tools of the Past” by R.H. Chamberlin & Tom Quigley
  63. “Reloading Tools, Sights and Telescopes for Single Shot Rifles” by Gerald O. Kelver
  64. “U.S. Martial .22 RF Rifles” by Thomas Batha
  65. “Browning Auto-5 Shotguns” by H.M. Shirley
  66. “Showman Shooter, the Life & Times of Herb Parson”
  67. “The West An Illustrated History” by Geoffrey C. Ward

In addition to the reference books listed above, I have the following Winchester Catalogs;

  1. November 1885 No. 39 (reproduction)
  2. April 1886 No. 40 (reproduction)
  3. October 1886 No. 41 (reproduction)
  4. January 1887 No. 42 (reproduction)
  5. June 1887 No. 43 (reproduction)
  6. November 1887 No. 44 (original)
  7. June 1889 No. 45 (original)
  8. February 1890. No 46 (reproduction)
  9. November 1890 No. 47 (reproduction)
  10. March 1891 No. 48 (reproduction)
  11. July 1892 No. 49 (reproduction)
  12. February 1893 No. 50 (reproduction)
  13. June 1893 No. 51 (reproduction)
  14. April 1894 No. 52 (reproduction)
  15. November 1894 No. 53(reproduction)
  16. February 1895 No. 54 (reproduction)
  17. August 1895 No. 55 (reproduction)
  18. January 1896 No. 56 (reproduction)
  19. June 1896 No. 57 (reproduction)
  20. December 1896 No. 58 (reproduction)
  21. March 1897 No. 59 (reproduction)
  22. November 1897 No. 60 (reproduction)
  23. March 1898 No. 61 (reproduction)
  24. October 1898 No. 62 (reproduction)
  25. February 1899 No. 63 (reproduction)
  26. August 1899 No. 64 (reproduction)
  27. April 1900 No. 65 (CD) (reproduction)
  28. October 1900 No. 66 (reproduction)
  29. March 1901 No. 67 (reproduction)
  30. January 1902 No. 68 (original)
  31. June 1902 No. 69 (original)
  32. March 1903 No. 70 (original)
  33. June 1904 No. 71 (reproduction)
  34. October 1905 No. 72 (CD) (reproduction)
  35. January 1907 No. 73 (reproduction)
  36. March 1908 No. 74 (original)
  37. March 1909 No. 75 (original)
  38. June 1910 No. 76 (original)
  39. October 1911 No. 77 (CD) (reproduction)
  40. January 1913 No. 78 (original)
  41. 1914 No. 79 (original) & (CD)
  42. October 1916 No. 80 (CD) (reproduction)
  43. October 1916 No. 80 (reproduction)
  44. January 2, 1917 Supplement to Catalogue No. 80(reproduction)
  45. 1918 No. 81 (original)
  46. 1920 No. 82 (reproduction)
  47. 1922 (not firearms)
  48. 1923
  49. 1925 No. 83 (original)
  50. 1927 (reproduction)
  51. 1928 (reproduction)
  52. 1931 (reproduction)
  53. 1932 (reproduction)
  54. 1933 (reproduction)
  55. 1934 No. 89 (reproduction)
  56. 1934 (reproduction)
  57. 1938 Sales Manual (original)
  58. 1939 (reproduction)
  59. 1941 January (reproduction)
  60. 1946 October (reproduction)
  61. 1948 January (reproduction)
  62. 1950 December (reproduction)
  63. 1952 January (reproduction)
  64. 1955 (reproduction)
  65. 1956 (December 30, 1955) (reproduction)
  66. 1957 (December 15, 1956) (reproduction)
  67. 1960 (reproduction)
  68. 1962 (reproduction)
  69. 1964 GUNOLOGY (reproduction)
  70. 1976 Winchester – Western (original)
  71. 1977 Winchester – Western (original)
  72. 1978 Winchester – Western (original)
  73. 1979 Winchester – Western (original)

Finally, I also have (440) historical auction catalogs from nearly all of the major auction houses.

I suspect that my library will continue to grow in the forth coming years.


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September 3, 2023 - 4:21 pm
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TXGunNut said

I try to avoid collecting firearms of other manufacturers and the books about them because I came late to this collecting party. The guns of Marlin, Colt, Sharps and Burgess were important parts of the Winchester story. Books about them are important to understanding so I’ve made a few exceptions. The 1894/94 is the Winchester I’ve always had, even before I started collecting. Bob’s book was one of the first to join my reference library but I must admit it does double duty as a beautiful coffee table book. 



Many years ago I went in a lot of different directions.  So I bought the associated books.  I still have the books but I sold or traded a lot of the guns.  I do have a lot of Colts, some Remingtons and a few of other types.   I would like a Schofield and a 74 Sharps but now I am trying to stay with Winchesters and Colts.

North Texas
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September 3, 2023 - 4:27 pm
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Wow to all these collections, but I’m in the boat mentioned earlier…I got into this a little too late to end up like Rob, but I’ve got a very few books to start. My bookshelves are filled with car, criminal justice (work/school), and 4×4 and mountain driving books. My problem ends up being I have a lot of likes/interests and like learning about so many different things…BUT…I think in these guns I’ve found a rest-of-life interest given they’re rest-of-life kinds of things to own.

Besides, I’ve sold some of the cars/Jeep and only have one project remaining. It’s been a serious one year for me looking into winchesters, and I’m sorry I didn’t get into it sooner!!!   JP

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