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The Winchester Model 69 - Evolution in Design

By Jeffery W. Abendshien

The only book dedicated to the design evolution and collector variations of the classic Winchester Model 69 bolt action rifle.  Includes information on the pre-cursor models, development, production, all cataloged variations and component chronology.

450+ pages with over 1,300 images and drawings.  Limited edition bonded-leather bound, first edition. Only 1000 hand-numbered copies available!

$89.99 + Shipping

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Winchester Model 54 Bolt Action Rifle 1925-1936

By David P. Bichrest

Hard cover, 8½ x 11, with 198 pages revealing the production of Model 54 rifles manufactured by the Winchester Repeating Arms Company, including the introduction of standard cataloged variations, standard calibers, production changes, component parts changes and 225 photos with captions.  Over three years of extensive research was required to complete this book.  A survey was conducted of over 440 Model 54 rifles currently in private collections.  The survey information received from the acknowledged contributors made the completion of this book possible.  Their contribution cannot be overstated.  Published by the author and printed in the USA.

US Orders $85.00 Includes Shipping.
To Order, E-mail David Bichrest or call 409-504-7796
Contact David for shipping outside the US.

Winchester Model 1895

By Rob Kassab & Brad Dunbar

Winchester Model 1895 is a comprehensive history and analysis that includes original Winchester documentation, drawings and photographs, much of which has never before been published. This book not only is a must-have for Model 1895 enthusiasts—it also contains many items of interest for all Winchester collectors.

Over 400 full-color Pages Beautifully Leather Bound and Printed in the USA, Each book is personally signed by the authors.

Winchester Factory Engraving

By Pauline Muerrle

A reference guide for anyone interested in purchasing a factory engraved Winchester. It covers all of the catalogued factory engraving patterns offered for the various models along with pictures of the engravers renditions of them. Also included are sections on the factory checkerers , checkering and carving patterns, engraving tools and techniques, the factory engravers, some tips to spot fakes and much more.

A 142 pg. volume available in soft bound leatherette.

The Winchester Book

By George Madis

Whether you intend to buy 1 or 1000 Winchesters, you need this book in order to determine the correctness and originality of the Winchester you are thinking of buying. George Madis has done a remarkable, exhaustive job of presenting each model, its characteristics, variations, special order features, improvements progression, dimensions, historical background, predecessor models, and other pertinences to help you to know what you are buying.

The Winchester Era

By George Madis

Hardcover, 167 pages, tells the whole story of Winchester as only George Madis could. A must have for any Winchester Arms Collector.

The Winchester Handbook

By George Madis

An excellent reference guide to every make, model, and type of Winchester produced. This book also tells you the number of guns produced in each year of production.

The Sight Book

By George Madis

Written by George Madis, a world renowned Winchester expert, book includes 350 detailed illustrations and information about Winchester and Lyman sights. Allows the serious collector and the person with an interest in Winchester sight systems to research and authenticate sights. Covers every major sight produced, created for, and mounted on Winchester rifles throughout the entire history of the company. All information comes from original Winchester records.

Winchester Model Twelve

By George Madis

George Madis covers the history and background leading up to this fine gun, the standards and variations, malfunctions that can happen, their probable causes and remedies. He covers the various chamberings, markings, chokes, matting and ribs, sights available and stocks.

Winchester 1885 Singleshot Vol II

By John Campbell

This book is a must-have for connoisseurs of the Winchester Single-Shot and avid students of all things Winchester. In this incredibly researched sequel to John Campbell’s original work, The Winchester Single-Shot, collectors of the Model 1885 will uncover a trove of new information – much of it never before published.

The Winchester Model 52

By Herbert Houze

Uncover the mysteries surrounding the world’s finest bolt action rifle. Despite the acclaim the “King of the .22 Caliber Rifles” has received, the history of its developments and distinct modifications has remained a mystery – until now.

Winchester's Finest The Model 21

By Ned Schwing

The Model 21 is considered by many to be not only Winchester’s finest gunmaking effort but also one of the finest American-made shotguns ever produced. Even in today’s world of technological advances, the Model 21 is still considered a superior double after its 60-year production run. Its strength and reliability have no peer.

Standard Catalog Of Winchester Firearms

By Joseph M. Cornel

Winchester’s “The Gun that Won the West” is among the most collectible guns in today’s secondary market. Winchester enthusiasts of all interests will benefit from the expertly analyzed prices, 500 superb color photos and technical details features in this one-volume reference.

Winchester, The Way It Really Was

By P. Muerrle

In The Way it Really Was, Pauline Muerrle, a former Winchester engraver, chronicles the days of Winchester employees throughout the history of the company. Many people think of firearms only when they think of Winchester, but the plant was like a small city with its own power plant, fire department, hospital, mail room and monthly magazine. This is a hard to find book and a fun read for those interested in Winchester.

Winchester Cartridge Boxes 1856-1956

By Ray T. Giles & Daniel L. Shuey

100 years of cartridge boxes from Winchester and its predecessor companies, Volcanic Repeating Arms Co., and New Haven Arms Co., including all the calibers cataloged for every rifle model from 1856 to 1956. Over 1,400 pictures, all in full color, tplus a Pricing Guide and a Rarity Guide.

Winchester Model 1876

By Herbert Houze

The first authoritative study of the Winchester Model 1876 written using the company’s own records. The specifics of the model – such as the numbers made in its standard calibers, barrel lengths, finishes and special order features – are fully listed here for the first time.

Historic Henry Rifle

By Wiley Sword

It was perhaps the most important firearm of its era. Tested and proved in the fiery crucible of the Civil War, the Henry Rifle became the forerunner of the famous line of Winchester Repeating Rifles that “Won the West.” To the amazed muzzleloader-armed Confederates who had to face this deadly “sixteen shooter,” it was “that damned Yankee rifle that was loaded on Sunday and fired all week.”

Winchester Bolt Action Rifles 1877 To 1937

By Herbert Houze

The world’s most popular and respected Winchester expert presents the ultimate guide to Winchester bolt action rifles. From the famous Hotchkiss through to the popular Models 54 and 70, renowned Winchester authority Herbert G. Houze covers both civilian and military bolt actions, starting off with five full chapters on the Hotchkiss. He then continues with eleven additional chapters about other exciting Winchester rifle

Winchester Shotguns

By Dennis Adler

Spanning the decades and every model designed and produced under the Winchester name, author and historian Dennis Adler has photographed examples of the world’s finest shotguns and compiled an encyclopedic volume of facts, figures, and historically relevant information destined to make this book a must have reference for anyone interested in American firearms.

Winchester 1885 Singleshot Vol I

By John Campbell

The Winchester Single-Shot is one of the most admired and sought after rifles ever made. In fact, the Single-Shot’s reputation has been without equal from the time of its invention by the legendary John M. Browning through today’s renewed enthusiasm for black powder cartridge shooting. This book covers every important aspect of the Single-Shot, from its design and invention to its many component parts, alterations, chamberings, sights, style variations and vital specifications.

Winchester Model 94

By Robert C. Renneberg

Since the publication of the ground-breaking first edition of The Winchester Model 94 – The First 100 Years, this revised and expanded edition is the culmination of the author’s relentless research on the Winchester Model 94. What’s more, is presents never-before-published information on the 1894’s elegant offspring, the Model 55 and 64 from readers over the globe. The result is the definitive study on the most successful lever-action rifle of all time.

The Story Of The Winchester 1 Of 1000 And 1 Of 100 Rifles

By Edmund E. Lewis

A comprehensive guide to Winchester’s dream rifles. No Winchester enthusiast can afford to do without this essential new reference. Includes critical information that will help identify valuable rarities and avoid fakes. Learn what makes these Model 1873 and Model 1876 rifles special and why they were made. Enjoy the colorful stories behind these premium weapons, which were often the prized possessions of Western characters like cowboys, cattlemen, trick shooters, rustlers, stage coach drivers and outlaws.

The Henry Rifle

By Les Quick

Profusely illustrated in dazzling full-color throughout. Index, bibliography, full-color pictorial dustjacket. A truly beautiful production. This book is the absolute “Bible” of the legendary HENRY REPEATING RIFLE, forerunner to the famous line of Winchester guns, and one of the earliest repeaters to fire metallic ammunition of the Civil War era. Virtually the technical marvel of its age, yet many U.S. military minds doubted that the average soldier could effectively operate it.

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