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Winchester Model 36 9MM
Posts: 1
February 28, 2023 - 1:09 pm


I have a Winchester Model 36 9MM shotgun.  Can anyone tell me about it.  The only thing i can find is it was built between 1920-1927.  Are they still safe to shoot?  Gun was my grandfathers, not sure of the backstory.  Possible value?

Posts: 4518
February 28, 2023 - 8:18 pm


I know nothing about this gun and I have no idea if someone could load their own?  I found this picture on line.  Notice it is a rim fire.

20210113202840-8471.jpgImage Enlarger

sp_PlupAttachments Attachments
Posts: 110
February 28, 2023 - 11:06 pm


I have a couple and I shoot one of them fairly often. I won’t shoot my collectable expensive ammo like the box that chuck has shown in the picture. These Boxes in fine to Mint condition and Higher can fetch upwards of $2-300 Bucks.

I was able to pick up some Fiocchi Flobert 9mm ammo at Midway USA recently in different shot sizes.(6,7,7 1/2, 8 and 9 sizes) Shoots Great.

I had to do a little clean up of the chamber as it wasn’t letting me easily remove the expanded brass shells after they were spent. Being a single shot rim fired shell the extractor can show some wear if they’ve been used a lot and might need to be freshened up.

So I was able to re Bore the chamber slightly to use the old parlor gun for what it was intended to rid the area of unwanted pests. This is Smokeless powder that is very short range @ about 600 Fps. and 10-20 feet is pretty decent for these small fun Rifles.

With a little over 20,000 produced, It’s getting harder to find them in good honest unmolested condition and if you do they can get upward into the couple thousand $$ area. The worn down yet shoot able Model 36 can be sometimes found under $1000.00

Hope this Helps.Smile


Posts: 4518
March 1, 2023 - 8:37 pm


Anthony, very interesting.

Posts: 110
January 14, 2024 - 12:45 pm


I thought I’d resurrect this older thread instead of starting a new one as I called an old friend who’s getting up in age and not getting around like he’d like to and even though I call him from time to time I haven’t seen him since before Covid 19 hit us all and quite frankly like everyone else really wasn’t sure what was going on with all that at the time and being I’m still very active in the work force and dealing with people on a daily basis didn’t want to give Pete and his wife what I might be carrying as their getting close to 80 yrs. old and slowing down a bit like us all. Pete and I used to bounce around and buy up collections as we both like our Winchesters and have had a lot of fun swapping and buying and selling as those days are done now. Pete still tries to go to a few local shows and although he’s an hour from me I dropped down to visit and took him to breakfast and we we’re talking about guns and Winchesters and what he had left as I hadn’t been in his gun room for years now and he said he had a few Winchesters left so I took a look and I had seen them all before and nothing new was added but we did haggle a little in a fun way and I picked up a Model 36 that was in good shape and starting to get a little brown/plum patina coloring to it as the bluing was still very solid and just a good honest little rifle that I’d always liked to collect and shoot. Realizing only approximately less than 20,000 of these little single shots we’re mfg. between 1920-1927, and the wood is fair but honest with a worn butt stock like most and more importantly the bore is good as is the chamber. I decided to put some cash in Pete’s hand as he never had a real retirement put away and never invested in an IRA or any other thing’s I suggested to him in our many traveling Conversations or trips in years past and with his eye sight slowly giving him issues he really doesn’t have an income. So we talked about a few others and I told him to see what the show would do for him as one other in particular he thought to remember being at a 90-95% gun was at best a 70-75% rifle with a few honest condition issues and I’m sure we’ll get together and work a few things out as like many I’ve seen several older people go down hill waiting for a miracle and Pete fits the bill. Who knows how many of these little single shots are still in existence as their getting harder and harder to find Smile


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