The Winter and Spring issues were combined and published as one magazine.

  • “The 1968 Amnesty Firearms” by Ed Brandhorst
  • “Rifle Loading Data” by Cal Pappas
  • “High-Wall Notes – A Collector’s Odd Couple” by John Campbell
  • Book Review – “The Models of 1886 and 1892” by Arthur Pirkle
  • “Model 71, The King of The Hunting Fields” by Dr. Frank Schroeder
  • “Model 1897 Shotguns” Leigh Coffin
  • “Shotgun Trivia” by Ronald W. Stadt
  • “Model 70 Rifle” by James M. Triggs
  • “Peterson’s Paper (Posters)” by Silvia Peterson
  • Book Review – “The Winchester Model 52” by Herbert G. Houze