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Model 1894

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We are pleased to present this downloadable, comprehensive and updated study of the Winchester Models 1894/94, 55 and 64 titled “The Trilogy” authored by Robert C. Renneberg. The author is offering it free to anyone interested in collecting these popular Winchester models. All we ask is that you consider voluntarily donating to WACA which is a non-for-profit organization dedicated to the preservation, understanding and collecting of Winchester firearms and related products as well as the role these products had in forging America’s heritage.

Offered with the author’s explicit and expressed permission; and not owned or controlled by Winchester Arms Collectors Association, this file contains copyrighted material that the Winchester Arms Collectors Association has no control over, and assumes no responsibility for the content, privacy policies, or practices of any third-parties.

A word from the author, Bob Renneberg:

As you may know, I have been developing a third edition of my book for some years now. My original publisher has gone out of business and for some reason I have been unable to secure another that is willing to accept the manuscript as an as written, viable project. They all want to re-engineer/reformat my work which is not acceptable for me. From experience with two previous editions, I know it would result in a much-lesser-than-planned-on final and finished product.

As result, I have decided to publish it myself as a PDF. This offer is for a free copy for anyone wishing to receive it with only one minor but very important request from me:

Please consider a one-time donation of whatever amount you feel is fair to the Winchester Arms Collectors Association. This offer will be completely dependent on the honor system and in no way will it be monitored or recorded.

I’m sure you will enjoy this long-running effort in deciphering the many intricacies of the Model 1894/94 and all of its siblings. It is well over 550 pages of excellent information with many hundreds of fully captioned illustrations and will assuredly enhance your collecting success. Designed as a reference for novice and experienced collectors alike and for those who just want to see what’s what about their Model 94s.

Thank you, learn, and mostly, enjoy.