1876Introduced as the “Centennial Rifle” in 1876, the Model 1876 was basically a larger-framed, more powerful version of the Model 1873.

The ’76 was offered as a sporting rifle with a 28” round, octagon or part round barrel; express rifle with a 22” round barrel; a carbine with a 22” round barrel; and as a musket with a 32” round barrel. Both carbine and musket configurations have full-length forends.

Model 1876 calibers:
.45-75 W.C.F.
.45-60 W.C.F.
.40-60 W.C.F.
.50-95 Express

One of the most desirable and historic configurations of the Model 1876 was the Canadian North West Mounted Police saddle ring carbine. The Model 1876 was discontinued in 1898, after 63,871 guns had been produced.

Original Winchester factory records are available for this model from the Cody Firearms Museum in Cody , Wyoming , from serial number 1 thru 63871.