1895The last John M. Browning design for Winchester , the Model 1895 was engineered to accommodate a new generation of military cartridges promising to gain a substantial market. One of the innovative features of the model 1895 was the use of a non-detachable “box magazine” made necessary for use with more powerful pointed bullets. This was the first box magazine rifle developed by Winchester .

First Models have flat sides, rounded top and breech bolt, and a one-piece lever. The Second Model has a fluted receiver with a two-piece lever. Configurations were rifle, carbine and musket. Production ran from 1895 to 1940 with a total of 426,754 guns made. Of these, 293,816 were in the 7.62 mm Russian caliber in the musket version which were shipped to the Russian Imperial Government in 1915 and 1916. The ‘95 in 405 W.C.F. was a favorite of Teddy Roosevelt and he described his special order Winchester .405 as “The medicine gun for lions.” The model 1895 was a favorite among the Texas Rangers and other lawmen of the period. The 95 had many special order options available throughout its 45 years of production.

Model 1895 Calibers:
.30-40 Krag (also known as “30 Army” and “30 U.S. ”)
.38-72 W.C.F.
.40-72 W.C.F.
.303 British
.35 W.C.F.
.405 W.C.F.
7.62 Russian
.30-03 ( Springfield )
.30-06 ( Springfield )

Original Winchester factory records are available for this model from the Cody Firearms Museum in Cody , Wyoming , from serial number 1 thru 59999.