The Winchester Model 71

Summer 2021 • WINCHESTERCOLLECTOR.ORG | 11 35 W.C.F., and the 405 W.C.F. cartridges. Thus far, very little has ever been published about the superb and ultimate big game rifle, the Model 71. This revised/updated article is intended to illustrate and educate the public and collectors alike, and to better document the several variations that were offered and manufactured. Much of what is being discussed and shown in this article has been carefully documented in a research survey presently being conducted by myself and collector Tom Tomlinson #7634 (and with the gracious help of a number of other WACA members and collectors out there). To my knowledge, this is the only research that documents the actual production variations, and the variances that occurred during the production run. Ultimately, this research survey should lead to establishing a detailed and documented history of the Model 71 production to include all of the variations and changes that were made within the production run. I believe that it will be of great value to all of the current and future collectors out who are seeking information about this particular Winchester model. The research survey now comprises the statistical information recorded for more than 2,450 Model 71 rifles, and it accounts for more than 5 percent of the total production. The information contained in the survey has been graciously provided by many WACAmembers and private collectors, and by physically inspecting hundreds of specimens while attending countless gun shows and firearms auctions. The information presented throughout this article, and in the tables provided later in the article, is being presented directly from the data contained within the survey unless otherwise stated. Of important note; the information provided in this article should be viewed purely as “observed statistical data.” The extrapolated production numbers in the tables that follow are not intended to be the “stated fact.” Instead, they are merely a mathematical projection of what has been observed and verified thus far. As more time passes, and new information is added to the survey document, I expect that some of the projected (extrapolated) numbers will undoubtedly change to some degree. I intend to continue this research survey until at least 10 percent of the total production (approximately 4,800 guns) has been recorded. At that point, I believe that a reasonably accurate picture of the entire production run should be clearly evident.