The Winchester Model 71

12 | WINCHESTERCOLLECTOR.ORG • Summer 2021 As stated earlier, theModel 71 was introduced in the brand new 348W.C.F. cartridge, with serial number 1 shown in the Polishing Room serialization records as being manufactured on October 18, 1935. Ultimately more than 99.5 percent of the total production was manufactured in the proprietary 348 W.C.F. caliber. That stated, there were a scant few of them there that were factory made on special order in the older 33 W.C.F. cartridge (which was listed as a special order option in the 1938 Salesman Catalog), and the even more venerable 45-70 cartridge. Thus far, I have verified (4) rifles that were made in 33 W.C.F. cartridge, and (3) in 45-70 cartridge. Both of these cartridges were holdovers from the recently discontinued Model 1886. Please note the information contained in the fourth paragraph in the righthand column above. In addition to the small number of special ordered