The Winchester Model 71

10 | WINCHESTERCOLLECTOR.ORG • Summer 2021 The WINCHESTER Model 71 A History and Analysis Revised by Bert Hartman #6571L n the time interval between early 2013, when I wrote my original article on the Model 71 (The Winchester Collector Fall 2013) and today, I have discovered and learned a substantial number of new pieces of information about this model that I felt would be beneficial to pass along to all interested Winchester collectors. Additionally, the number of specimens now recorded in the research survey has grown quite substantially in the past eight years. Accordingly, I have edited the original article and present the revised edition to you as follows. Winchester introduced the Model 71 in the year 1935 as shown in the brochure above and at the top of the next page. The Model 71 was designed as an improved (and stronger) variant of John M. Browning’s original Model 1886. It was listed in the 348 W.C.F. cartridge only, and ultimately, it was the only rifle ever manufactured for that cartridge/caliber. The Model 71 rifle and the 348W.C.F. cartridge were created with the intent to replace several older lever-action rifles and cartridges that Winchester had previously produced, namely the Models 1886 and 1895, and the older 33 W.C.F., 45-70, I