The Winchester Model 71

Summer 2021 • WINCHESTERCOLLECTOR.ORG | 15 The next notable change that occurred was the style of the barrel address. Throughout the production run, Winchester used three different barrel address types, and they are illustrated in the following pictures. Note that the primary difference between the Type-2 and Type-3 barrel marking is the caliber designation, which was changed from “W.C.F.” to “WIN.”. Type-1 Barrel address – Serial number range 1–25168 Type-2 Barrel address – Serial number range 25184–43737 Type-3 Barrel address – Serial number range 43032+ Additionally, there were five notable production changes that took place at various times that are worthy of mention: 1. Uncrowned in the white muzzle faces (early production), versus crowned and blued barrel muzzle faces. This change took place in the 18995–27527 serial number range (October 1941–October 1948). The reason this change took so many years to complete was the very limited production that took place during the WWII years, and a large supply of barrels in stock prior to WWII. Uncrowned, in the white muzzle face Crowned and blued muzzle face