The Winchester Model 71

18 | WINCHESTERCOLLECTOR.ORG • Summer 2021 Winchester used just one type of butt plate throughout the entire production run, and it was the same style checkered steel plate that was also used for the Model 64, 65 and Model 70 rifles. Several varieties of recoil pads were available on special order (Winchester, Silvers, No-Shoc, etc.). The next topic deals with the various types of sights that were used, and it centers on the rear sight configurations. The front sight Winchester chose for the Model 71 was the Lyman 31WGoldBead (regardless of which type of rear sight was installed). On the early production rifles, the No. 98A Bolt-peep sight was the most common rear sight installed, though the No. 22-K open barrel mounted rear sights were quite common as well. When the entire production run is looked at, the No. 22-K barrel mounted rear sight was the most common (37.48 percent), closely followed by the No. 98A Bolt peep sight (34.87 percent). The following images illustrate the four most common rear sights: (1) the No. 22-K barrel sight; (2) the No. 98A bolt-peep sight; (3) the Lyman No. 56W receiver sight (12 percent); and (4) the Lyman No. 66A receiver sight (7 percent). Winchester No.22-K rear barrel sight Winchester No.98A bolt peep sight Lyman No.56W receiver sight Lyman No.66A receiver sight